cuisineThe ''chef'' Andre Chouvin is unique in his attention to detail, the finesse, the combinations of his ingredients, as well as his classic use of French cuisine learned under the tutelage of Paul Bocuse, Michel Lorain, and Marc and Paul Haeberlin. While others break rules Andre embraces them by pushing boundaries.

His passion for cooking began at 8 years old he had his first rum gateau from Fauchon wanting to replicate the tastes, the experience he set about cooking the gateau in his grandmother''s kitchen, needless to say the subsequent rum explosion in the oven only further fired his obsession with cooking. Growing up his family consistently exposed him to the 3- star Michelin restaurants cuisine so exquisite and so comfortable that a bench mark was established.

Whilst travelling the globe, Andre has experienced the modern renaissance of french cooking in places such as Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Norway, Spain, the United States and Australia. He has honed his skills, first as a chef in Boston''s Le Julien and then as a restaurateur/chef in Cafe de la Gallerie, Ludo''s Gourmet Kitchen and Feast Restaurant in Australia.

Presently at Le Tilia, he continues to draw from his extensive knowledge of cuisine, his traditions, and his environment to consistently make his symphony of gastronomy and of course to live his dream.



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